What is

SMALL WRLD is a tech startup launching as an NFT project focusing on advancing the travel & tourism industry with scalable Web3 solutions. Offering-wise we are starting off as a blockchain-based travel agency and moving towards a vision of expanding into a notable Web3 travel software provider.

Our story begins with the genesis NFT collection granting its holders access to privately negotiated travel deals & perks, exclusive travel agency offers, tight-knit community of travel lovers and future travel app.

Why do

Web3 technology has immense potential to positively disrupt the travel industry. Purpose of the SMALL WRLD is to be at the forefront of travel companies redefining the industry through blockchain solutions such as NFTs and tokenization to build digital travel products that are more user-driven, flexible and reliable.

With the power of Web3 and NFTs we can create a future of travel companies where the consumer and the company both win.


SMALL WRLD genesis NFT collection consists of 1600 unique pixel style traveler avatars called “Explorers” launching on the Ethereum blockchain. Explorers are access passes to the SMALL WRLD community and ecosystem including the access to privately negotiated travel deals & perks, exclusive travel agency offers, free access to a future travel app and more.


Read the full litepaper here.

Travelling is all

Beautiful thing about combining travel with NFTs and Web3 is the community aspect of it all. Building a warm, open-minded and inclusive community is one of our top priorities at SMALL WRLD. After all, the dream is to have our community to be this huge global group of friends all sharing experiences and traveling together. This way the world truly becomes smaller for us.


In addition to the regular Explorers, our genesis collection contains 8 super rare legendary characters. These Legendary Explorers are animated 1/1 artworks portraying the most hardcore travelers exploring the wildest and most remote places on earth and beyond.

5 of these are available to mint on release and 3 will be airdropped to the winners of the SMALL WRLD tournament.


Julius Brander

Marketer, traveler (25+ countries), ex-professional parkour athlete and above all a curious mind.

Verneri Brander

Marketer. Passionate about sports, traveling and Web3. All about self-improvement and lifelong learning.

Nate Payne

Owner and investor in multiple travel & tourism companies with over 15 years of experience from the industry.

Omid Pourmomen
Global Partnerships

Entrepreneur/digital nomad. Vast experience working in sales & marketing in various industries over the last 10 years.

Vladimir Andrusenko

Pixel artist behind the SMALL WRLD genesis collection art.

Web3 Developer

Smart contract development and advising.

Mohammad Nassab
Community Manager

Discord expert responsible for helping to build the server, managing the bots and keeping everything secure.

Youssef Nassab
Community Manager

Head of the community and the moderation team.

What can I do with SMALL WRLD Genesis NFT?

For detailed information about the utility, read our litepaper and roadmap.

How can I get a SMALL WRLD Genesis NFT?

During our presale or public sale you can head to the mint page of SMALL WRLD and mint yourself one. Afterwards you can purchase it from the secondary market on OpenSea. Both mint page and OpenSea page will be linked on our Twitter and Discord when we get close to mint.

For more detailed instructions on how to mint the NFT, check out the “how-to-buy-nfts” channel on our Discord:

Mint information?

Our official mint date is Wednesday 29th of June 2022. Price will be free mint + gas. Further details like the exact time and per wallet limits will be announced closer to mint on our Discord and Twitter.

How do I join the presale?

To gain access to our presale, you must be whitelisted. To find out more, check out our Discord:

What is the mint price and total supply?

The total supply of our genesis drop is 1600 NFTs. The mint will be FREE (+ Ethereum gas fees).

What do I benefit from owning multiple SMALL WRLD Genesis NFTs?

The more Explorers (genesis NFTs) you own, the more and the better benefits you get access to both in the short and long term. Your tier depends on whether you hold 1 (bronze tier), 2 (silver tier) or 3 (gold tier) NFTs.

Read more about the tier system in our litepaper.